Charge Forward

Global Rhino is a strategic advisory firm providing critical insights and capabilities to asset managers, designed to help them bridge the gap between managing the money and managing the business of asset management.

We Do

  • Design uniquely custom solutions
  • Increase focus on money management
  • Bring clarity around the opportunities, how to approach them, and what to expect
  • Untangle complex processes and systems
  • Improve efficiency of vendor management
  • Drive your business to a more diversified and persistent asset base and more predictable revenues

We Do It

By leveraging nearly 60 years of collective experience across distribution and business management within the financial services industry, we tailor solutions specific to your firm that will drive evolution of the business towards future growth. Through an approach that spans consultation, manufacturing, and ultimately implementation; a partnership with Global Rhino is not “one size fits all.” Rather, as new opportunities are often fraught with unique challenges, we partner with you to design strategies that reflect your firm’s message, brand, and culture. All of this starts, rather than ends, with an understanding of what distribution actually means, so when the time comes to begin, your firm is ready.

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We Are

Dina Tantra

Dina “thinks differently” to help clients identify new solutions to age-old problems. With expertise as a CEO and a Board Trustee, she has helped set the strategic direction for an array of financial service firms. Having worked for money management firms over the past 25 years (including American Century, Diamond Hill, and Nationwide), she has experienced the highs and lows of the responsibility of managing clients’ investments and expectations. With an understanding of what the value of differentiation means in an increasingly cluttered marketplace, Dina has led the process that designs, develops, sets pricing, and selects service providers in preparation for the launch of a new product.

Mark Baltimore

Mark is a 29-year veteran of the financial services industry with deep experience building and leading business development teams focused on accessing global opportunities. Mark has held numerous roles across his extensive career in financial services having established and led various businesses focused on the distribution of investment product in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Additionally he has deep experience within the global high-net worth market place focused on the United States RIA market and the global private banking markets. His experiences while at Putnam, AB Global, Janus Capital, and Charles Schwab provide him with a unique view of the global opportunities that are available to investment managers as well as a knowledge of the avoidable pitfalls that will be encountered.